champions throu the times

(Champions gjennem tidene)

Own by me, not my breeding:

(Eiet av meg, ikke mitt oppdrett)

1972: NSuch Blue Light Betty Blue

1983: Nuch Blue Light Carmencita

1985: Nuch Top Crystal's Deianeira

1986: Nuch Granitor's Bramble

1987: Nuch Child Betty-Line

2013: NUCH and South African ch NW-2013 Champion Boupeep Tatiana Tyler Blue



My breeding:

(Mitt oppdrett)

1975: Norwegian and Swedish Champion Betty's Cliff

1978: Norwegian and Swedish Champion Betty's Dickie Boy

1984: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Lucas

1984: Norwegian and Swedish Champion Borsali'nos Candida

1986: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Belleza

1988: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Cuerdo el Tammy

1989: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Canelia

1989: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Dianesio

1991: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Enrico

1993: Int. Nord. 1992: Norwegian Swedish Champion Borsali'nos Hedda-Honradez

1993: Swedish Champion Borsali'nos Harriet-Hortensia

1993: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Leone

1996: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Macho

1998: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Optima

1998: Norwegian Champion Norwegian Winner 1999 Borsali'nos Perito

1998: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Paloma

2000: Norwegian Denish Champion Norwegian Winner 2000 Borsali'nos Rafaela-Beth

2001: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos Regia Benedicktion

2001: American Champion Borsali'nos Tio

2001: Norwegian Denish Champion Borsali'nos Stefani

2003: South African Champion Borsali'nos Valeroso

2006: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos 2.A Adora

 2009: Norwegian Champion Borsali'nos 2nd A Augusto

  2010: Norwegian Champion

2015: South African Champion Borsali'nos 2nd K Kiri at BouPeep

2017: Swedish and Finish Champion Borsali'nos 2nd N Nerone



Breeder of the best Norwegian born Bedlington Terrier,with at least HP(Merrit of honour) or CK(Champion quality), at Norwegian Terrier Club Speciality:

(Oppdretter av beste Norskfødte Bedlington Terrier med minst hp/ck, på NTK spes. utstillinger)

1991 + 1992,  none Norwegian entries in 1993, all years between 1994 and  2001 + 2004.

Several years on Scandinavian Bedlington Terrier Clubs mostwinning list.

(Flere år på SKBK mest vinner lister)

Won BIS 1 pigmentation, Sandy, on SKBK special SHOW by

(BIS 1 Pigmentering, Sandfarget, på SKBK Spes. Utstill. med) 

NSuch Borsali'nos Candida.

Before 1977, also several mostwinning in Norway

(Før 1977, også flere mestvinnende in Norge med)

 with Betty's Cliff and Betty's Dickie Boy .

Before that time, the SKBK did not exist.

(Før dette, eksisterte ikke SKBK)

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