Borsali'nos 2nd N Nerone

NKK Drammen June 4th 2016

Judge: Anthony Kelly, Irland

Junior class Head and exp. very nice, correct eye and muscle, forleg good, neck and topline ok, handleg ang ok, coat and presentation good, mov. good could be studier, temp very good ex, 2
NTK Mjøndalen June 5th 2016. Judge: Mia Sandgren, Sweden Junior class Utm.type. Bra hode, øyne og ører. Bra kropp. Fin over- og underlinje. Velvinklet. Bra labber. Bra steg. ex, 2

NTK Sarpsborg Aug 6th 2016

Judge Siv Jernhake, Sweden

Junior class Velbygd junior, fint hode, mørke, vakre øyne. Bra ører, korrekt hals, skuldre og front. Bra rygglinje velvinklet bak. Bra pelskvalitet. Rør seg og viser seg utmerket. 


NTK Sarpsborg Aug 7th 2016

Judge Colin Powell, UK

Junior class G male of correct size. Well ballanced. G head, ears and eyes. Black nose. G neck and shoulders. G rear angulation. Moved free and easy around the ring. Keeping the rise of the topline. G coat condition.

BOB junior.








Show area: Class: Results/critic:  Rosettes/pokals:

NTK avd Rogaland Sept 15th 2012.

Judge: Jul Hamlot, Norway

Junior Very beautiful head and expression, good neck and front, nice overlinie, well angled behind, correckt movements. Good coat.

NKK Rogaland Sept 16th 2012

Judge: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland

Junior Exelent proposission and beautiful curves in right places. Great temp. Exelent feminine head with good length. Exelent dark eyes. good bones. Good breastdept. Good rear behind. Still a bit soft in coat. Very good movements.

Norsk Dobermann klubb, Letohallen. Dec 30th 12.

Judge: Lemo Niksa, Croatia.

Open class

Exelent, 1st competition class, Champ quality, Reserve cac, 2nd best female.

Good size, nice head, correct topline. Neck could be better inserted. Correct front. Good rear. Nice movement.

Exporama Febr 9th 2013

Judge Hans-Erhard Grüttner, D

Open class

Exelent, 1st competition class without CC.

Nice head and expr. Good topline. Good angulation. Nice coat but not in showcond. Moved well.

( This judge was very strict. A lot of dogs went out with nothing. In Bedlington it was none BOB)


Exporama Febr 10th 2013

Judge Kari Salminen, Sf

Open class

Very good, 1st competition class.

Some thin whole, seen in the stomach, condition should have more powerful middle part, right shoulder, shows and moves well.

Goldfields kennel club, SA. August 24th 2013. Judge: Jack Peden, Gauteng, SA Open class


BOS: I am clearly of the opinion that this exhibit is of such outstanding merit as to be worthy of qualifying for the title of champion.

ZA(South Africa) champ today.

Bergens Selskaps- og Brukshundklubb Sept 29th 2013. judge: Cindy Pettersson, Sweden. Group judge: Ann Rode, Sweden. Open class

Large female of exelent type, Long wellshaped head, Good eyes, ears and bite. Terrierfront. Exelent neck and shoulders. Good dept of brest. Good overline, Well angled behind. Exelent coat quality. Moves a bit light in front, good from side.

(She was picked out among the six best in the group, however not placed)

Norwegian Champ today

Kongsberg Hundeklubb, Nov 9th 2013. Judge Paunovic Dusan, Slovenia Chmp class 2 years a little big, but corr female, corr head expr, good neck, good chest and bones, corr topline and behind, good coat cond, front movement could be a little stronger, good temp.
Dogs4All Nov 16th 13. Judge Dubravka Reicher, Kroatia. Chmp class

2 years, very well proportioned, Nice head and Expression, very good outline, very good angulation and movement, good coat and corr bite.


BIR today and NW-13


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Kongsberg Hundeklubb, Nov 9th 2013. Judge Paunovic Dusan, Slovenia Open class 5 years complete elegant female, enaugh corr head, good neck and chest, a bit fine bones, enaugh corr topline, shy in the ring Very good






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